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Unexpected Ways to Save on Cooling

5 Unexpected Ways To Save On Cooling Costs

Anoka Energy EfficiencySummer is here and with it is hot and humid weather. At this time of year many turn to air conditioners for relief. Many more suffer without them feeling that the costs of operating such systems are prohibitive.

The truth is that cooling systems can be operated effectively without costing consumers a fortune. Below are some tips on getting the most out your cooling system while staying within budget.

Annual Maintenance

Even the best HVAC system doesn’t last forever. But its lifespan can be increased significantly with regular maintenance performed by a certified HVAC technician. There are two benefits to be had by regular professional maintenance.

Such servicing can not only find and correct problems, it can keep them from occurring at all. And a clean and serviced unit runs more efficiently, meaning lower energy costs.

Have Programmable Thermostats Installed

These devices can be used for both heating and cooling purposes. In both cases they can save users hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills. Users program the thermostats to self-adjust throughout the day. The devices adjust cooling levels to lower levels when users are out of the house and increase levels in anticipation of the users’ return. These devices can also be checked and adjusted remotely by smartphone.

Install A Energy Efficient Heat Pump

A heat pump for a cooling system sounds like a contradiction. But in many HVAC systems this pump handles both heating and cooling duties. Having such a pump in place before summer arrives insures lower energy bills when heat intensifies.

Have A Separate Dehumidifying System InstalledAnoka Cooling

It’s true that an air conditioning system removes moisture as well as heat from the air. But using an air conditioner as a dehumidifier also makes the unit work harder which leads to higher energy bills.

To cut these costs homeowners can have a whole-house dehumidification system professionally installed. This means that homes can be dehumidified without the additional expense of cooling. Today’s dehumidification systems also effectively remove bacteria from the air. This can lower the potential for exposure to asthma triggers and allergens in the home.

Find And Fix Leaks

A major source of cooling loss is leaking ductwork. Tiny duct fissures can often be difficult to spot. A certified HVAC technician can administer a pressure test to find leaks of all sizes. The leaks can then be professionally sealed or insulated.

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