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Heat Zoning Services in Anoka MN

When people want to maximize the comfort level of their home, they will utilize a zoned heating system. This is a system designed to separate a home into different areas referred to as zones. Each of these zones has their own thermostat to control the level of heat the zone receives. When zone heating is utilized, the cold spots in a house can be eliminated. There is a variety of benefits associated with zone heating.

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What is zoned heating?

It is a system of multiple thermostats wired into a single control panel. The control panel will operate the dampers inside a home’s ductwork in a forced-air system. It is very effective for correcting the heat distribution in a house with inconsistent room temperatures. Zoned heating is also able to control the heat within a bedroom or any room based on what temperature is desired. This can be done without impacting the rest of the home.

Zoned heating also makes it possible to not heat a room that isn’t being used. Installing a zoned heating system does not involve using any heavy motors. This means a home’s current ductwork will not need to be altered or supported to have zoned heating installed. Heat at a desired level can be set in a single zone without increasing the energy use for the entire house.

How much can you save on heating costs with zoned systems?

Each home has guest rooms and other rooms that are seldom used. These areas don’t require constant heating. Zone heating will save a homeowner money by providing temperature-controlled air to the areas of a house when necessary. The U.S Department of Energy estimates the cost of heating or cooling a home contributes to approximately 40% of utility expenses.

The U.S Department of Energy also estimates a zoned heating system can save a homeowner up to 30 percent or more on their monthly energy bills. It is a damper system that has been designed to be easily retrofitted to a home’s existing ductwork. It combines flex damper air control inserts with an electronic controller and air pumping system. The flex dampers are resistant to heat, aging, ozone, moisture and airborne chemicals. Holes will not impact their performance.

What are the benefits of zoned heating systems?

Since heat rises, the rooms on a second or third floor can be too warm. Rooms on the first floor and basement can be too cold. Rooms with vaulted ceilings struggle to retain heat. There are rooms that receive many hours of sunlight and don’t require as much heating as other rooms.

People who have a zoned heating system experience superior home comfort. It enables homeowners to keep different areas of their home at the desired temperature. This puts an end to disagreements over how a single thermostat should be set. Heating an new addition on a home can be a challenge.

An addition will heat differently than other parts of a home. A zone heating system will solve this problem. The addition can be designed to have its own thermostat so the temperature can be adjusted as desired.

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