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AC Zoning Services in Anoka MN

Have you been experiencing some rooms in your home that are warmer than others? AC zoning is an available solution to your temperature problems. Drafty rooms and inadequate airflow are some of the most common causes for temperature loss in your home.

A zoned cooling system can provide comfort and reduce these issues without sacrificing efficiency. The team at Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc. is equipped with state-of-the art tools and products to provide you with first-rate Anoka AC zoning system services. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have with detailed explanations.

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What is zoned cooling?

Zoned cooling provides the greatest amount of cooling in rooms that are used the most. It regulates airflow based on specific zones in the home such as specific bedrooms. Each zone is an independent section that has individually controlled settings.

Individual electronic dampers are common ways to regulate airflow throughout the house. These individual thermostats and dampers communicate with each other to deliver conditioned air when it’s needed.

How much can zoning save you on cooling costs?

Homeowners should consider a few points before purchasing a zoned cooling system. Zoned cooling provides the best savings in homes with different temperature preferences and significant patterns of temperature changes throughout the day. Homes with more than one story or finished basements make excellent choices for zoned cooling. A properly balanced system can also eliminate the cost of adding another central air unit in larger homes.

Several multi-zone systems also have the option for a dual-stage fan system that can add additional savings by regulating fan speed to quickly push cooled air into the home where it’s needed.

Hot and cold spots are common in spaces with a slab floor or upper story that faces an unfinished space. Zoned cooling eliminates cooling unfinished space or areas with significant lack of use. Multiple programmable thermostats deliver a significant savings over a traditional cooling unit that delivers single zone cooling.

What are the benefits of zoned cooling systems?

Zoned cooling provides individualized comfort. This comfort is synchronized to keep all usable rooms in the house as cool as possible. Electronically regulated dampers eliminate running the cooling unit excessively in hot weather. The air conditioner unit can run efficiently and deliver a long lifespan.

A few additional benefits are:

  • Noise reduction. Zoned systems have the added benefit of reducing continuous operation. The fan and compressor can operate at lower speeds when cooling specific rooms.
  • Eliminates over-cooled and under-cooled rooms. A zoned system can take advantage of shady spots in the home and ventilation to eliminate the need for overworking the unit.
  • Installing zoned cooling systems can be an efficient way to manage space. Most systems can be installed using existing ductwork and eliminate the need for extra units.

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