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Air Quality Services in Anoka MN

Indoor air quality is hugely important in any home, but it is also something that is often overlooked. The quality of your air directly relates to your health as air can lead to cracked skin, allergic reactions, respiratory ailments, and more. For that reason, it is important to focus on having air that is as clean as possible, making the home into a perfect living area for you, your family, and any of your guests.

At Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc., we understand the importance of having a healthy environment in your home. Investing in an air quality system is a wise decision to ensure you and your family remain wholesome. Trust us to deliver excellent Anoka indoor air quality system installation and  repair services. We promise your 100% satisfaction; we will go back and fix any dissatisfaction for free!

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What are common issues that affect indoor air quality?

One of the most common problems with indoor air quality is an air filter that has not been changed or replaced on time. The air filter is meant to take pollen, dust, and debris from the air, but a dirty filter cannot collect any more, and it can actually add more to the air.

Another common problem that impacts air quality is loose ductwork. If the ducts do not fit together perfectly, paint chips, dirt, and other things can get into the ducts after the air has already gone through the filter. All of those elements are blown out into the home when the blower turns on. Even a clean filter cannot prevent this.

Finally, there is the issue of air that is simply too dry. This is what leads to chapped lips and cracked skin. Winter air is usually pretty dry on its own, but it can get even more dry if you have a forced air heating system. This is not to say that forced air, which is very common, is a problem, but it definitely contributes to this.

How can humidifiers help?

While you may need to use a dehumidifier in the summer, you can actually turn around and use a humidifier in the winter. This can help to counteract the work of the forced air blower and the season itself. You simply fill the tank in the unit every few days, and it slowly blows this water back into the air as mist.

The mist is light enough that the air can absorb and hold the water. Of course, this water will be lost as the air cycles through the cold air returns and then back through the furnace, so the humidifier has to be run continuously for maximum impact.

What are signs you need to repair or replace your air duct?

A loose or broken air duct can really impact air quality. That alone can be your first sign that it needs to be replaced or repaired. You may notice a slight rattling sound when the system is running, indicating that the ductwork is loose.

Finally, if air stops getting to some of your vents and the temperature in those rooms doesn’t change when the system turns on, a section may have to be replaced because it has broken away entirely. Our trained professionals can thoroughly inspect your air ducts and provide you with the best course of action.

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