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AC Repair and Maintenance

Anoka Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Services

When you’re faced with needing repair or maintenance performed on your AC, trust Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc. Schedule an immediate appointment by calling (763) 422-1721 today. Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

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At one point or another, homeowners will face the predicament of needing to repair their air conditioner. The best way to avert any unexpected breakdowns that require inconvenient, costly repair is to perform regular maintenance.

At Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc., we strive to provide top-of-the-line Anoka air conditioning repair and maintenance services. Our team of cooling specialists are certified, licensed, and insured to work on units of all makes and models. Rest easy to know when you hire us, you’re hiring the leading business in the industry.

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What are common AC problems?

When you are running the AC in the house, you must make sure that you are listening for problems in the system. Some of the common issues homeowners come across with their unit include:

  • The AC runs loudly. When your AC is blowing cold air, our cooling specialists can replace the refrigerant in the unit or repair your coils.
  • It sounds like the fan is broken. We can check to make sure that your fan is functioning properly. A broken fan can damage the inside of the unit, and you need to be sure that no further damage is done to the casing.
  • There is an odd smell while it is running. If your AC unit is creating an odd smell, we are going to make sure that we inspect the entire unit to find the source of the smell. There are times when you will smell the Freon, but there are other times when the unit is running too hot.
  • Unit does not blow cold air.

You must have your AC repaired any time you notice these issues.

What is the importance of professional maintenance?

Scheduling prompt professional maintenance for your air conditioner is highly beneficial.Consider the following advantages:

  • Your unit is inspected and tuned.
  • Minimizes the chances of unexpected breakdowns.
  • Reduces the probability of frequent repairs.
  • Allows your unit to function at peak efficiency.
  • Extends the AC’s life expectancy.

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