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Understanding Your Home’s Heating System

The Purpose of Auxiliary Heat


Anoka HeatingAuxiliary Heat And Its Functions

Most climates in the United States require a home to run their heating mechanism frequently in order to keep a comfortable and healthy temperature going in the home. This is especially true in areas that experience harsh winters with very cold days and even colder nights. There are a number of heating systems aside from a traditional furnace that have become very efficient ways to heat the home. Unfortunately sometimes these systems do not work properly as they rely on the temperature of the ground or other factors to work.

What Is Auxiliary Heat?

Auxiliary heat is some form of secondary or emergency heat that can be used in addition to a primary heat source for a home. More often than not this auxiliary heat comes by way of an electric system that is hooked up in the home. Typically, the auxiliary heat option is not quite as affordable or efficient as the primary heat source but it is reliable and needed in case of some sort of failure or malfunction of the primary system.

What Is The Purpose Of Auxiliary Heat?

Most commonly, auxiliary heat is used with heat pumps in a home because if the temperature differential is too dramatic for the heat pump to work efficiently, the auxiliary heat can take over to keep the house warm and comfortable. Especially during the hours in the middle of the night, auxiliary heat is very useful in preventing the overall house temperature from dropping too low. It is not comfortable to wake up to a house that has a temperature reading in the 50’s or even 40’s.

What Is Auxiliary Heat Important?

Auxiliary HeatHeat pumps and other alternative forms of heat are very efficient and very useful to help keep a home comfortable however these systems can sometimes not work very well if the ground temperature is not just right or if the system fails. It is never a bad idea to utilize some sort of backup or emergency heat so there is never a lapse in temperature maintenance. Most auxiliary heat options will turn themselves on when need be. They are usually hooked up to the thermostat and set to a specific temperature. If that temperature shows itself on the thermostat, the secondary heat source will switch on; taking over.

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