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Top Tips for DIY HVAC Dads

Top Tips for DIY HVAC Dads


Let’s face it, it’s handy to be handy. People are becoming more interested in DIY projects and doing independent work. So, it’s extra handy to have a dad to teach you all those basic handyman skills!

This Father’s Day, we want to thank all of the dads out there that have helped mold their young ones into self-sufficient, do it yourself handymen (or women!). We also want to talk about one area of household maintenance specifically, the heating and air conditioning system.

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning are extremely important factors for a clean and happy home. We want to remind you of some of those handy-dandy HVAC tips that your father may have taught you to take care of when you were young.

Remember to Change Your Air Filters!

itstimetochangethefiltersOne, mostly unseen factor that influences air quality in your home is the air filters. It is SO important to regularly check and change your air filter. The air filter protects your system and provides you with healthy air. Imagine, five girls and six dogs occupying one residence or any mix you may have in your home.

That’s a lot of STUFF. Without the right knowledge on how to change an air filter, you could experience lower air quality and higher bills. Luckily, many have the tools and knowledge (taught to us by our fathers!) to keep up with this maintenance task.

Remember that a lot of HVAC system failures are actually due to negligence in changing the filter, and remember who taught you how to do such an important, simple task!

Please Check Your Outdoor Unit, Thank you!

cleantheoutdoorunitAnother important HVAC tip that dad might have mentioned to you when you were young is cleaning the outdoor unit of the system. This step is rather important because this is the area where heat is released and you never want to cover a heated area with debris.

Now, take a moment to think back to your childhood home? Did you ever see anyone cleaning the outdoor unit? If you did, it was probably dad!

Give thanks to your handy dad today for keeping your home running efficiently and keeping it clean in ways the others may not have thought about.

How to Prevent Air Leakage

preventairleakageLeakage is never a good thing. Air leakage sounds even worse. Another HVAC tip is to make sure there’s no air leaking from the ducts. A leak in the ducts can lead to unwanted hot air in the home and increased monthly spending.

But…dad probably taught you this! You can check for air leaks using hands or candles around suspected areas, or, by using an air leak detector. This is an important component in keeping your HVAC system functioning at its prime.

This Father’s Day, remember what your father taught you by using these easy HVAC tips to keep your home running efficiently. Help your friends and family by sharing this article and these tips that you’ve learned.

And remember to give credit where credit is due, and appreciate your dad for, not only all he’s done for you but all he’s taught you!

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