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Top 3 Electrical Hazards in Your Home

Top 3 Electrical Hazards in Your Home

Top Electrical Hazard One: Defective Appliances or Electronics

If you have older electronics or appliances inside your Anoka home, then these devices can cause electrical shocks or fires. In many cases, older appliances and electronics have frayed wires or loose plugs. These items are often heavy and difficult to move in order to inspect wires located on the back, but you should look at the mechanisms at least once a year.

When you notice that these devices have defective wires, contact our electricians to determine if the parts are cost-effective to replace or if you need new devices. Use extra caution when buying used dishwashers or televisions because these items may have cords with missing plastic or rubber coating. An unscrupulous seller might put the wrong type of replacement wire or plug on a used dryer or air conditioner in order to make more money, leading to dangers for the buyer.

Anoka, MN Electrician ServicesTop Electrical Hazard Two: Using Extension Cords Incorrectly

Extension cords are useful items when the items are used correctly inside and outside a home. Make sure to use only outdoor extension cords for holiday lights that are located on the exterior of a home.

These devices are made to remain safe despite cold temperatures and small amounts of moisture. Inside a home, do not use multiple extension cords that are attached to each other but use a longer and heavy-duty one instead. Read the labels on extension cords carefully before making a purchase to make sure it is the correct size and is made by a UL certified company that uses certain manufacturing standards designed to prevent fires and electrocution.

Top Electrical Hazard Three: Electrical Outlets, Switches and Wires

Many of our customers assume that the electrical outlets, switches and wires inside their home will last forever, but these items develop wear and tear. Each time you flip a light switch, the action causes the mechanism to wear down inside the wall. Inside the walls of your home, electrical systems are also receiving damage from insects, rodents and changes in building temperature.

The wires inside walls of your Anoka home can degrade slowly, losing rubber and plastic coatings. Hot and degraded wires inside walls can spark, causing a fire in insulation and drywall that can lead to extensive damage. You should never use numerous electrical outlet gadgets that permit plugging in several appliances or electronics because this can cause an overload and a shortage.

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