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Tips for Preventing a Furnace Meltdown This Season

How to Prevent a Furnace Disaster This Winter

One of the worst things to wake up to on an Anoka winter morning is a malfunctioning furnace. Crawling out from under the warm covers is difficult enough without the knowledge that the house has no heat. However, through proper maintenance and routine care, you can prevent a furnace disaster this winter and ensure your home stays nice and comfy. Here’s how.

Anoka, MN Furnace Repair Services1. Replace the air filter.

The air filter on the furnace should be replaced every three to six months, and especially at the start of a season where the furnace will be in heavy use. The air filter is responsible for keeping the air quality within the home high. It also prevents outside particles from getting inside the furnace and causing damage. The filter is a quick and easy job that most can do on their own, but scheduling a professional replacement can also be a goo idea if you aren’t comfortable with the task yourself.

2. Clean the furnace.

Despite the presence of the filter, some debris will still get inside the furnace. This dust is responsible for the odd burning smell in the home the first time the furnace is activated. By cleaning the blower assembly, as well as the belts and pulleys within the furnace, you can prevent this smell from filling your home and ensure the furnace operates properly. Use a damp cloth to wipe the pieces down, then replace the access panel and allow the components to air dry before activating the furnace.

3. Schedule professional inspections.

A professional should inspect your furnace at least once per year. In doing so, you’re able to discover potential problems before they can worsen. Proactive maintenance and routine care of the furnace can help prevent costly repairs later down the line. Ideally, this inspection should take place at the end of winter. If your HVAC system is combined with your furnace, both systems can be inspected at the same time.

By taking a proactive approach to maintaining the components of your Anoka home, you ensure your family has a high standard of living and quality of life. While it may be a bit of extra work, regular inspections and maintenance can reduce costs and help you save money in the long run.

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