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Steps to More Pure Indoor Air

Unique Ways to Clean and Sanitize Your Indoor Air

Anoka coolingClean air means a healthier environment for yourself and your family. Pollutants and contaminants can be all around the home and indoor spaces. These substances can cause allergic reactions, sickness, and lethargic behavior. Making sure that your home or office space is free from these contaminants is important to assure the health of self and others.

Simplicity Is Best

One simple and easy way to clean and sanitize the air in your indoor spaces is to not put off cleaning chores. While it is tempting, especially in the warmer weather, putting off cleaning and dusting allows these contaminants to build up. When removing dust and debris in the home, use a slightly moist rag so that the particles get caught on the dust rag.

Another way in which the air can be cleaned and sanitized is through the use of HEPA bags in the vacuum cleaner. These bags trap the allergens and dust particles inside the bag. This way fewer contaminants will become air born and less sneezing and inhalation will happen.

Another culprit with indoor air quality is pet dander. Especially in the colder weather, pest will spend a significant amount of time indoors. Be sure that they are kept well groomed, brushed and bathed. Pet bedding should be cleaned at least once a wekk to keep air born dander to a minimum.

Keep Things MovingAnoka Indoor Air Services

Circulation of air is especially important no matter what the season. Open the windows and get some fresh air flowing through the home to keep it refreshed and clean. If it is too cold to open the windows, try using ceilings fans to keep things circulating well.

Along the same line as circulation is the duct work that the heat and air conditioning runs through. Be sure to have them cleaned at least yearly to keep contaminants to a minimum. Dust and debris can build up in them, so keeping them clean will help keep the air as sanitized as possible.

Benefits of Plants

Houseplants are another way in which air quality can be improved. They aid in cutting down the dust in the air and making fresh oxygen for all to breath. Houseplants can also work to beautify the surroundings in the home or office space. Whether it is flowering or just a simple green plant, one will be amazed at how well they can cheer up a space and make it easier to breath during any season. Fresh air is important, so keep yours clean.

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