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What is the Importance of a Properly Sized Furnace?


Anoka HeatingIt’s always necessary to have the right sized furnace unit in your home, whether you’re just installing one, or replacing an existing one. There are some drawbacks if you do not have the right sized furnace for your home. It’s proven that many homes today, have a furnace that is too big for the home they’re installed in. Sometimes, a home may even have a unit that is too small for the home. The dangers of having a unit that is too small for the home, means that it will not adequately warm the home when needed, and you may end up with frozen pipes.

Not only will you have frosty toes, cold bedrooms, and a cold house, your frozen pipes may burst as well. If you have a furnace system that has both heating and cooling in one unit, then you definitely need to make sure it’s the right size. An oversized unit can quickly heat or cool a room, but then it may not maintain the temperature. It may constantly go on and off, using up a lot more energy, and not efficiently heating or cooling the room, keeping it comfortable. The result of having an oversize furnace system, means you’ll end up paying a lot more in energy bills over time.

How To Choose The Right Size Furnace System For My Home

If you’re having a furnace system installed, it’s up to the contractor to decide the size unit that your home needs. The contractor should base the unit size on several factors, and not just the square footage of the home. If the contractor goes through several different factors, in order to pick a unit size, it’s more likely they’ll get it right. You can contact several contractors, in order to get opinions on which size unit would adequately heat and cool your home.

How Will The Right Sized Unit Save Me Money?

Anoka FurnanceInstalling a new HVAC unit in your home will save you money in itself. New is always better, as new units are built to save energy. If you have the right sized unit in your home, it will adequately heat and cool your home when it needs to, without wasting energy. The result of having the right sized unit in your home, is lower energy bills, and homes with adequate temperatures.

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