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The Purpose of Heat Pumps

How Do Heat Pumps Work?


Anoka HVACWith the help of a heat pump, many of our homes are able to maintain a comfortable temperature during the chilly and cold months. Understanding how a heat pump works can help to ensure that you household continually stays warm and comfortable during fall and winter seasons.

In order to understand how a heat pump works, we first need to discover what a heat pump is. Your heat pump is part of your air conditioning system and usually located outside. With help of the heat pump your home is able to stay warm. A heat pump provides heat to your home by extracting heat from outdoor air. This task is completed with the help of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, air handler. The compressor enables your heating system to receive the maximum amount of heat from the air. Your condenser then moves the hot air received through its coils. With the assistance of your evaporator the hot air is then transferred into your home. The air handler blows the transferred heat into your home ducts. Once the heat or hot air is extracted, it is transferred to the inside of your home and dispersed through your vents.

What Are Their Benefits?

One of the top benefits of a heat pump is that it is efficient and cost effective. Since the air that is transferred is from outdoors, your heating system does not need to utilize your furnace to heat your home. This results in lower utility bills, possibly up to 30%. Also, by reducing the amount of time your furnace is used, you help to create less wear and tear on your furnace resulting in its life being extending and less need for maintenance and repairs.

Also, compared to other heating options and units heat pumps are able to provide a more even flow of heat and temperature. Instead of your home having cools spots because of a heating system that doesn’t work effectively. Your heat pump is able to keep your rooms at a steady temperature as long as you keep your vents opened.

What Are Their Energy Efficient Features? 

Anoka Heat PumpWhen choosing a heat pump your will be able to identify which units are more efficient than others. With help of the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) you will be able to purchase a unit for you home that is able to save energy which means it will help you to save money. The higher the energy rating, the more money you will save.

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