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How Pure Is Your Air?

How Often Do Should You Change Your HVAC Filter?

Anoka Air QualityFilters are a necessary component in HVAC systems both for the function of the system and in the quality of the air that the system inserts into a home or building. The quality of this air can exacerbate health issues in those with breathing issues. They also can cause a significant rise in the amount of dust that collects in the home. This dust invites mites and fungi.

Their by-products can significantly effect the health of these impaired people also. This makes the small task of replacing the filters a necessary procedure. Additionally, HVAC systems that become affected by dust tend to run hotter and less efficiently than clean systems. This causes greater wear and increases the likelihood of repairs, and this problem can greatly reduce the intended life span of the HVAC system.

Changing the filters

Changing the filters periodically can circumvent all of these problems. However, there are many brands of filters. Some of these filters can be changed less frequently than others. The standard filter should be changed approximately every month However, people tend to leave these filters in much longer than they are intended to be effective at their jobs.

This version of filter is economical but should be changed every three weeks in heavy use situation. Five weeks can be enough time for changes when the system is used infrequently. However, the standard filters can only trap so much of the dust and allergens that invade homes and buildings.

Hepa FiltersAnoka Air

There are filters that trap virtually all allergens and dust that circulates via the HVAC system. These are called Hepa filters, and they are more expensive. The ratings that are prescribed for the frequency of changes in Hepa filters are billed to be longer than standard filters, but their effectiveness subsides over time.

If they are utilized to eliminate allergens to prevent breathing issues, they should be changed in approximately the same frequency as standard filters. This will maintain the near perfect protection that these filters provide.

Hepa filters are also utilized by homes and buildings that feature things that cannot be easily cleaned of dust like artwork and clothing. These people and businesses will need to change these filters frequently to prevent dust from proliferating at all. This is also the case in medical settings or for medical purposes in homes with people that cannot tolerate any level of dust or allergens in their environment.

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