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How do I Prepare My Home’s HVAC System for this Year’s Summer Months?

How do I Prepare My Home’s HVAC System for this Year’s Summer Months?

Preparing your home for hot summer months is easier when you do not need to worry about the costs associated with air conditioning. After paying high winter heating bills, it can be too much of a burden to do the same all summer long.

Besides, you may find that there are other areas that need improving such as the exterior of your home. However, what is nice for homeowners is that these renovations are practically free due to an energy-efficiency push by the federal government of the United States.

enjoying-an-outdoor-viewThis means there are several incentives for installing a high-efficiency air conditioner that include rebates for energy-saving models. On top of this, there are other ways to improve your home with the help of an HVAC technician that will also decrease your need to spend money on your electricity bills.

Having Your Home Tested for Air Leaks

Did you recently have a plumbing problem that involved putting a patch on the floor or wall? If you have had recent work done in your home, there is a chance that you still have not replaced the insulation in the walls or floors. In these situations, your air can escape out of these under-insulated areas.

There may also be areas of the home that have a lot of cracks because of settling and can be easily addressed with clear silicone caulk. To prepare for the summer in this way, contact your local HVAC inspectors for an evaluation and they will bring the appropriate testing tools. A more intensive summertime energy efficiency strategy is to work on the condition of your current HVAC unit.

Give your AC a tune up before summer!

Whether you have a regular air conditioning unit that is still under warranty or a new high-efficiency air conditioner, it pays to have it looked at by a professional before the summer months hit. In many cases, there are no urgent adjustments needed, and the tune up can include a few simple tasks.

Mainly, all of the working parts need to be checked, all of the areas that need lubricants need to be cleaned and oiled, and connecting wires or pipes need to be examined for wear and tear. If more repairs are necessary after the HVAC maintenance visit for your AC unit, the technician will discuss it with you before charges are made.

For example, it may be determined at the time of the inspection or maintenance that your HVAC unit needs to be repaired, or the HVAC ducts need to be cleaned. In some cases, it may be determined that your AC unit is so inefficient that it is costing you more in utilities than it would cost to replace it. For these homeowners, the government’s rebate program for Energy Star approved appliances will be a helpful solution.

Expanding Cooled Areas of the Home

cleaning-the-outdoor-AC-unit-4Although many preparations for the summer involve HVAC maintenance, sometimes preparing for hot weather means improving the cooling in certain areas of the home. For example, if one floor of your home is not being cooled efficiently, an air handler can be installed to help force cool air into those areas.

Other minor improvements that make a big difference in keeping summer AC bills low are new vents and installing humidity control in bathrooms. As far as expanding cooling into new or different areas, ideas include independent AC units for patios or outdoor kitchens.

Give your home an energy efficiency makeover.

Homeowners that are excited to add more low-cost yet high-tech energy efficient appliances in their home might focus on ideas like solar energy, but they forget about their HVAC system. In addition to buying an upgraded Energy Star model of air conditioning or heating units, these systems can also be hooked up to solar panels.

One other major way that HVAC systems can help to reduce the overall energy use of a home is through a programmable thermostat. This will need to be installed by an HVAC contractor, and at that time, they can show you how to hook the thermostat up to your smartphone for more utility savings.

Improving Air Quality with Filters

When some homeowners prepare for summer, their main intention is to improve the amount of fresh air in the home. Along with opening windows and covering them with screens, there are a few ways that an HVAC specialist can help.

replacing-your-air-filter-5 Mainly, when the windows are closed, you can still enjoy fresh air because your HVAC unit is also hooked up to air filters. Depending on the types of concerns you have about your air quality, different filters and systems can be installed in your home.

Most new HVAC appliances have rebates.

In the recent past, the federal government decided to expand rebates on Energy Star-approved appliances that have a high SEER rating. This is good news for homeowners that have a low income or want an incentive to switch to high-efficiency appliances. In addition to these rebates, there are also other types of scholarships available for homeowners that have trouble paying for the labor involved in having these items installed.

Sadly, an installation by a professional is often one of the requirements from some of the rebate programs for installing energy-efficient appliances or systems. Meaning that do-it-yourself programs might be limited or unavailable in your community.

Let us help you prepare for summertime.

We are happy to help you with any questions you have about improving your air conditioning and HVAC system. Our company has options for homeowners on any budget, and we can start our services with a simple inspection of your current HVAC unit. Of course, we are always available for installation, repairs and maintenance issues.

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