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National Diabetes Awareness Month: Maintaining Control of Your Blood Sugar

National Diabetes Awareness Month: Maintaining Control of Your Blood Sugar

world diabetesDiabetes is a serious disease that affects nearly 30 million Americans, so it’s no surprise that November has been designated as National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Most people need a period of adjustment when they’re first diagnosed, because living with this disease can require diet and lifestyle changes, and managing diabetes means playing an active daily role in your own medical wellbeing. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes, here’s some vital information that can help you manage the disease better.

Controlling Blood Sugar on a Daily Basis

When you have diabetes, it’s important to keep an eye on your blood sugar throughout each day, because this will tell you how well the disease is being managed. Blood sugar is affected by things like stress, exercise, medications, and diet, and you can check how these factors affect your blood sugar with a blood glucose meter.

healthy-dietYour ideal blood sugar level is between 80 and 130 before a meal, and under 180 two hours after a meal. You can help control and maintain proper blood glucose levels by:

  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, and that’s low in salt and sugar
  • Taking all prescribed medications as indicated
  • Exercising regularly, at least 20 minutes a day

Reacting to Low or High Readings

Having a high or low blood sugar reading can be scary, especially if you’re feeling the effects of hyper or hypoglycemia. These symptoms include thirst, blurry vision, frequent need to urinate, feeling tired, shakiness, hunger, and excessive sweating.

When your blood sugar is too high: Drink a glass of water and go for a walk.

When your blood sugar is too low: Consume either four glucose tablets or four pieces of hard candy, or drink a four-ounce glass of juice or regular soda.

Managing Blood Sugar to Prevent Complications

Controlling and watching your blood sugar is extremely important when you have diabetes. Failure to manage the disease through diet, exercise, medicine, and blood sugar control can lead to severe complications, such as heart and kidney disease, vision loss and eye disease, stroke, and even amputations.

Creating a Support Network

One important way to cope with diabetes is to have a good support system, and if you don’t have this in place already, you can create one of your own. For instance, if you find you have trouble getting motivated to exercise daily, find a person or group to get active with.

Or if you find your weakness is eating too much of the wrong foods, ask your family to get involved with your healthy diet as well, and keep unhealthy foods out of the house. And when it comes to medical support, help your doctor by tracking your blood sugar readings and taking them with you to every appointment.

Celebrate World Diabetes Day

As part of National Diabetes Awareness Month, World Diabetes Day will be held on November 14. The purpose of this day is to draw attention to diabetes, its complications and treatments, and how it can affect daily life. The theme of National Diabetes Awareness Month this year is screening, early diagnosis, and treatment, with the goal of preventing the serious health complications associated with the disease.

To participate in World Diabetes Day, you can wear blue, organize a group physical activity, make a healthy breakfast for friends and family, or educate somebody about managing diabetes properly.


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