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Benefits of a Thermostat Upgrade


Thermostat InstallationWant to me more environmentally aware? Do you enjoy having technologically advanced products in your home? Then a thermostat upgrade might be a great buy for you.

How Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Work?

A Wi-Fi Thermostat, also known as a Smart Thermostat, works in a lot of different ways. First, some of them have the computer technology that allows them to learn from your behaviors. This means that over the course of days, weeks, and months they record what time you set the temperature, what you set it to, and for how long you set it to that temperature. Then they use this data to help make your heating and cooling more efficient.

Then there are others that allow you to change your temperature setting remotely, usually via your smart phone or tablet; this is where the Wi-Fi comes in. So if you are on your way from work on a hot day and want to step into a cool house all you need is an app on your device to make that happen; transmitting your changes via your Wi-Fi network at home.

Another thing that all Wi-Fi Thermostats can do is show you how long it will take for your house to reach a certain temperature so that you can plan accordingly; they can even show you that placing the temperature down lower than you want doesn’t actually help you cool your house down faster — or that going higher doesn’t help warm the house faster either.

Can It Save Me Money?

Anoka Heating & CoolingYes, a Wi-Fi Thermostat can definitely save you money! It can do this by showing you your energy consumption in real-time. Usually, either at the thermostat itself or using a your remote interface you can also see how much you are spending on your heating and cooling and it will even show you how much you can save if you tweak the settings in real-time.

Depending on your needs, you can focus on upgrading to the type of thermostat that learns from you behaviors or allows you to change your settings via the your device. There are, of course, thermostats that do both but they do cost a bit more money. They are generally considered the best models though, simply because they are the best at being efficient and helping with your cooling and heating costs. In the long run, they can save you big money.

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