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What Would Your Life Be Like Without A/C?

History of HVAC Unit

Anoka Air Conditioning RepairIn hot weather everyone like to be cool at work or at home. Thus air conditioning and the air conditioning unit was invented over time by different inventors working on the problem. In the early days, people used hand held fans to cool themselves inside and on the porch. Over time electric fans and wind towers cooled homes and offices across the United States. Nikola Tesla invented the moving fan in the 20th century.

Chemical Cooling

In 1759 Benjamin Franklin and a Cambridge professor John Hadley discovered liquids like alcohol and other volatile liquid chemicals that evaporated quickly cooled objects to the point of freezing.

Another inventor that lived in England discovered the same results when liquifying ammonia. His name was Michael Faraday. In a Florida hospital a man builds an ice machine that uses compression to produce buckets of ice and blows air over the ice. This invention does not go anywhere without funding.

Carrying On Towards The First A/C Unit

Willis Carrier in 1902 invented a machine that blew very cold air over cold coils to help control room temperature and room humidity. They established the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. In 1906, another inventor creates a device that adds water vapor to the room in textile mills. Workers are able to spin yarn quickly and it does not break. It is called air conditioning.

Air Conditioning In Just About Everything

In 1931 two inventors design an individual air conditioner that sits on a ledge in apartment buildings. The inventors names are Schultz and Sherman. They sell units a year later to the wealthy the only ones able to afford and use them. These units cost between $10,000 to 50,000.Anoka Cooling

During 1939 Packard invented the air conditioned car. The only drawback is when passengers riding in the car became cold the driver had to stop the car. He has to open the hood and disconnect the compressor belt. In 1942, the US built the first plant to handle the electrical load of using air conditioners.

In the 1950’s over one million residential air conditioners were sold for home and air conditioners. During 1973, central air conditions came into being. It was more popular than regular units.

In 1994, air conditioning companies were required to make more eco-friendly coolants. Carrier and Honeywell developed better coolants for customers. Freon in the 1990’s is linked to ozone depletion and this is why companies were required to make better coolan products for HVAC systems and units.

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