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Keep Home Cool Without The Cost This Summer

10 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

Anoka CoolingThere is nothing more satisfying then a temperature controlled environment to take comfort in, especially during the dog days of summer. And with summer just around the corner, even the thought of it can be unbearable, as you struggle to discern how you will lower your costs to help keep your family cool.

Reward your family this summer with a cooler environment, and at a fraction of the cost, with these tips on safeguarding your home against summer heat. And with the extra savings, you can buy more snacks for family movie night or take a much-needed family vacation!

Have Your HVAC System Serviced Regularly

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system helps ensure your unit runs efficiently and effectively, when you need it.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to easily set the thermostat to warmer temperatures while you are away, then easily switch them to lower temperatures when you return. For even greater energy savings, remember this tip: the smaller the gap between outside and inside temperatures, the lower your cooling bill.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans or whole house fans help circulate cool air, so your unit doesn’t have to work as hard or stay on as long.

Energy Efficient Curtains/Blinds

Energy efficient curtains helps cover windows to prevent heat from coming in, so cool air stays trapped in.

Weatherstrip Doors and Windows

Caulking or weatherstripping seals air leaks around windows and doors, so your home stays cooler.

Minimize Activities that Generate Heat

Lighting, indoor cooking, appliances and even electronics etc., all generate their share of heat, which when in use, can make your home even hotter. Limit the use of heat generating units when possible, to help keep your home comfortable and cool, and your energy bill low.

Decrease the Use of Hot Water

Hot water creates moisture and humidity, which can trap heat in your home. When possible, limit your use of hot water, and turn on bathroom and kitchen fans to help remove heat.

Avoid Placing Appliances Near the Thermostat

Avoid placing appliances such as TV’s and lamps etc. near the A/C thermostat, because the thermostat senses the heat from these appliances, which can cause it to run longer than usual.

Switch to Energy Efficient Products

Switching to energy efficient products will help keep your room temperatures down, and help reduce your energy bill.Anoka Air Conditioning

Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit, Before Summer Hits

If you have a faulty A/C unit, have it replaced before summer hits to avoid catching HVAC repairman when they are at their busiest.

An HVAC system specialist can help maintain the efficiency of your unit in various ways, including changing your filters, remove dust build up, install a programmable thermostat, install a whole house fan and more. They can even turn down the temperature of your water heater to help eliminate trapped heat, and lower your savings.

Don’t let cooling costs suck the fun out of summer. Call Superior Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric at (763) 422-1721 for greener HVAC services in the Anoka area!

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