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Keep Your Home Clean and Free of Dust This Spring

10 Tips To Keep The Air in Your Home Free of Dust and Pollen This Spring


Anoka Air QualityHome air quality is critical to your long term health. Poor air quality can result in a variety of negative effects. These range from allergies, colds and coughs to much more serious illness such as asthma, cancer and mesothelioma. There are 10 Tips to keep your home free of poor quality air.

Simple Steps

1. Avoid Fireplaces

The easiest thing to do is to avoid using your fireplace. The smoke from the fire fills the air and even though most goes in the chimney, some will seep into the room.

2. Use Mattress Covers and Pillowcases

Keeping a bedroom clean from dust mites is important to your health as you spend 6 to 10 hours there every night. Mattress covers and pillow cases are the easiest way to keep these out.

3. Buy a Filter

One of the easiest strategies is to buy a portable air filtration system. These naturally filter out dirt and pollen in your room and keep the air clean.

4. Close Windows

Close windows to keep out pollen from outside.

Advanced Steps

5. Eliminate Harmful Chemicals

Go though your entire set of cleaning supplies and eliminate those products with too many synthetic chemicals. Vinegar and water or organic based products are much healthier for your environment.

6. Reduce Pet Dander

Pet dander can cause allergies, coughing and even asthma under certain conditions. Wash your hands after petting and keep pets out of the bed room. Some medicines from the vet are also available to reduce dander.

7. Improve Ventilation

Clean ventilation systems regularly to avoid mold and mildew. Expert HVAC technicians are needed to help clean your entire system.

Serious Conditions

8. Check for and Eliminate Asbestos

Certified professionals with many years of experience have the ability to check for asbestos in walls, attics, basements and other materials. These are generally still found in old buildings and too much exposure can cause mesothelioma.

9. Prevent Smoking or Smokers Anoka Air

Smoking is one of the most dangerous maladies a human can engage in over time. Cigarettes are filled with carcinogens that get in the air and effect the lungs, skin, brain and vital organs. Smokers are at much higher risk of all kinds of cancer, especially lung, skin and lips.

10. Check Stove

Check your gas or electric stove to make sure it’s not emitting harmful chemicals or gas. Qualified experts may be required.

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