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Insulate Your Anoka Home for Superior Climate Control

Tips For A Well Insulated Home

As the colder weather approaches finding ways to keep warm can sometimes be difficult. One step that can be taken that will not cost a ton of money is adding insulation in and around your Anoka home. Some simple tips can help the individual to do the job right the first time and save some money.

Anoka, MN insulation servicesExpensive Is Not Always Best

Many companies that will install insulation for your home may sometimes push for more expensive options. This is not always the best choice. For instance, the r-value of the insulation is just as important when considering the types of insulation available.

One may want a total r-value in their insulation at a certain level. Although to buy say an r-value of 12 may be more expensve than two layers of 6. One may also be able to sufficiently get that same r-value with fiberglass or blown insulations that are a bit less expensive but just as effective.

Check For Drafts

Insulating walls and ceilings are great, but if drafts are seeping in through windows and doors all the insulating in the world will not stop the cold. Check around door openings, windows as well as exterior window areas for air that should not be getting into the home.

Drafts can also infiltrate through outlets and sockets. Placing insulating covers at these junctures can also help to cut down on cold air and keep the home warm. When seeking to insulate in these areas, be sure to turn off the power at the breaker box so no injury occurs.

Other Areas To Check

If the home uses duct work, check to be sure that no cold air is being emitted through the ducts. If cold air is detected consider having the ducts checked for any breaks in seals or abnormalities in the actual ducts. Being sure that the duct work is safe and well sealed is another way to keep cold air out and keep the dwelling warm.

One may also want to consider have HVAC units checked for efficiency and wear as well. There are many different parts involved with these units and being sure that everything is in working order is well worth the saved cost for emergency calls.

A well sealed, efficient Anoka home can save hundreds of dollars a year in heating costs. Make sure that insulation is inspected on a pretty regular schedule so that wear and aging insulation is changed.

Avoid a costly heating bill with these tips! Call Superior Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric Inc. at (763) 422-1721 for repairs in your Anoka, MN home.

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