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Installing a Heat Pump for Superior Warmth

3 Reasons to Choose a Heat Pump to Warm Up Your Home

The use of heat pumps has steadily risen over the years due to its many advantages over conventional heating systems such as an electric fire or gas boiler.

These three benefits below surpass traditional conventional heating systems in important areas that are the concern of every individual:

Anoka Heat Pump ServicesQuality of Living Improvement

Heat pumps do not add fumes to the air or create smoke while circulating air throughout the room. A heat pump is equipped with filters that purify the air by removing the dust, smoke, odors, mold spores and other airborne particles that contaminate the air and irritate individuals with sensitive respiratory systems.

There is no condensation on windows and stuffy rooms since heat pumps do not use oxygen to burn gas, and heat pumps reduce humidity in the summer by taking in warm air, cooling it and releasing it outside. Heat pumps also reduce home condensation in the winter by circulating warm air to cause a defrost effect on cold surfaces.

Convenience and Safety

Heat pumps not only provide heat but also extract heat from the home. Heat pumps also provide comfort in the home with easy-to-use climate control that work at exact levels in minutes, and will maintain the temperature for as long as it’s needed.

Heat pumps do not take up valuable space since it has no need to be at a focal point in a room, and its circulation heats the entire room without needing to stand near the unit.

Heat pumps also do not require the removal of waste material such as moisture, ashes or smoke, and do not require refilling gas bottles at a station or a wood supply. Heat pumps can be left on overnight safely, and do not create hot surfaces or flames that children or pets can harm themselves on.


Heat pumps conserve energy by using on average less than one kilowatt of electricity, much less than a conventional heating system. Heat pumps also do not pollute the air with carbon emissions caused by the burning of wood, and many heat pumps use a refrigerant that does not harm the ozone layer.

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