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How Do You Prepare Your Home’s Central Air For The Fall?

This article explains three ways to care for your central air before the fall weather arrives. Fall temperatures will continue to drop over the weeks until winter sets in, and you must take very good care of your system to prevent major damage. You cannot service your central air unit yourself, but you can hire a technician to handle your central air on your behalf.

Anoka Home Ventilation Services#1: Service The Unit Before The Temperature Drops

Service appointments for your central air unit must be completed before it gets cold outside. Waiting until the last possible moment could cause severe problems in your house, and service technicians are free to service your unit during the summer. You would do the same with your air conditioner in the winter, and a technician will prevent your heater from breaking down in the middle of a cold fall day.

#2: Check Your Filters

Do not replace the filters in the heater on your own, and ensure that you have the right sort of filters in your house. There are filters on the market that will sterilize a hospital, and you may purchase proper filters from your HVAC technician. The technician will come in to replace the filters for you, and you will have extra filters that may be used during other service appointments.

#3: Listen To And Watch Your System

The heater turns on every day to warm your home, but you must listen to the sound produced by the device. A light hum coming from your heater is normal, but a heater that makes loud noises for no apparent reason is a disaster waiting to happen. A heater that dims the lights in the house when switching on is not wired properly, and you must ask an HVAC technician to repair the wiring.

Turn off the heater as a safety precaution before your service. Your technician will test the system during the repair appointment, and you can relay any information about the system to your technician. The repair will happen faster when you are diligent as you listen to and watch the system.

Taking care of your central air system is an essential part of caring for your home, and you must enlist a professional technician to help your family. Any small repairs that must be done can be completed by someone with experience, and you may report the issues at any time before the season begins.

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