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A Humidifier Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Sustain Good Health during Fall and Winter Months with a Humidifier

Integrating or introducing a humidifier into the home during the fall and winter months can provide a wide variety of benefits for the health of residential occupants and for the longevity of consumer products. Low outdoor temperatures can create dry climate conditions for indoor areas.

The result of these conditions can cause indoor humidity levels to drop to 10 percent, which is in stark contrast to the recommended EPA humidity levels of 30 to 50 percent. To combat dry indoor conditions and low indoor humidity levels, humidifiers are designed to emit water vapor particles into the air with the purpose of increasing moisture levels to an acceptable range.

Anoka Humidifier InstallationHumidifiers and the Affects on Health

If humidity levels are too low, then it can cause a number of health challenges for occupants. For example, low indoor humidity rates can promote the transmission of airborne viruses, like the flu, the common cold and other viruses that are easily transmitted in a dry climate. When humidity levels are at a normal rate, then virus mobility is impacted by 85 percent because the increased moisture literally weighs down on viruses and prevents them from circulating in the air.

In addition to reduced virus transmission, humidifiers also prevent other medical conditions that are associated with the fall and winter seasons. For example, humidifiers can help reduce dry and itchy skin, allergy symptoms, eczema outbreaks, dry nasal passages, cracked lips, a scratchy throat, cotton mouth, sinus pain and early morning congestion.

How Humidifiers can Preserve Household Items

It is worth noting that humidifiers can prevent more than just medical conditions, for low humidity levels can also have a negative impact on the physical indoor environment and on consumer products.

For example, when humidity levels are between 10 to 25 percent, then the rate of electrostatic shock significantly increases, which can be annoying when electric shocks are mercilessly initiated when contact is made with doorknobs and conductive household items. Static shock is not only a nuisance to people and pets within the home, but static shock also has the ability to damage electronic equipment, such as stereo systems and computers that have its internal components exposed.

The burden of low humidity levels can also damage furniture and wood. The affect of dry air on wood causes it to lose moisture and crack. The impact of wood damage can extend to wood doors, wood floor joints and the joints of wooden tables and wooden chairs that can eventually become loose and unstable.

Humidifiers can Lower Heating Expenses

The existence of humidifiers are a great way to reduce utility bills. This is because normal humidity levels during the fall and winter months can make the human body feel warm and comfortable. This effect on the human body gives occupants the option to lower their thermostat temperature, save money and conserve energy.


Investing in a mobile humidifier or an integrated humidifier system can result in many positive benefits. Monitoring your humidity levels, and routine maintenance of your humidifier system can ensure that you yield the maximum reward of balanced moisture in indoor areas.

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