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How to Combine AC & Heating Air Ducts

How to Combine AC & Heating Air Ducts

As far as your heating and air conditioning system is concerned, one of the largest weaknesses in the system is the ductwork. For homes that have separate units for heating and cooling, you could have double the ductwork and double the problems.

Not only do the ducts directly impact your indoor air quality, but also they affect how much air is distributed throughout your home.

So what if you could double down and leverage your ductwork to your convenience? Sharing ducts can have plenty of benefits, so read on to find out if that’s the right choice for you.

Saving Space by Sharing Ductwork

“savespace”The heating and air conditioning ducts that run throughout your home often take up a lot of space in your attic or under the floors.

In order to keep temperatures at comfortable levels, that same ductwork also needs quality insulation and plenty of space to move to reach all your vents.

In the end, it accounts for a large amount of functional square footage you could be using in your home. Looking to store decorations from past seasons? Want to convert that attic space into another bedroom?

By consolidating your heating ducts and AC ducts, you can easily get back a good amount of square footage that can add considerable value to your home. The added room could also be an opportunity to create that space you’ve always wanted like a playroom or study.

Making The Case For Upgrading to Central HVAC

“centralac”One of the main ways that homeowners can consolidate ductwork is by switching to a central HVAC system. With a central air conditioner, you get cooling in the summer months, heat in the winter, and all with the same use of your existing ductwork.

This reuse is a great way to cut down on installation costs as well. With a central HVAC system in place, you’ll also see an improvement in your indoor air quality.

One of the main contributing factors for poor indoor air quality is the season change. When you stop using your heater in the summer, your air ducts stay dormant collecting duct. When the time comes to work them again, all those impurities find their way into your home. With one duct system in place, it’ll never be the case.

Also, because of the year-round use, you’ll also see a decrease in the risk for heating or air conditioning emergencies. As long as you keep up with your regular HVAC maintenance, you’ll have reliable hot and cold air when you need it most.

What About Heat Pumps?

“heatpump”When it comes to your heating and cooling needs, one solution is a heat pump. These small systems are energy efficient and can be used both during the winter and summer months.

However, they do require the use of separate heating and air conditioning ducts, making them the less ideal choice for homeowners looking to save space.

If you’re locating in or around the Anoka area, Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical Inc. is your HVAC company of choice.

We can show you how to leverage your air ducts and complete the installation process in your home. So the next time you’re on the market for an HVAC system, be sure to consider the benefits of a central HVAC system.

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