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Heating System Tune-Up


Anoka HeatingSigns Your Heating Unit Needs A Tune-Up

When it comes to cold weather, that may be the only time that you realize that you have a heating system. If your heating system is separate from your cooling system, then you may only use it when it gets cold outside. If your heat comes from the same unit as your cool air, then you may be using it twice as much throughout the year.

No matter what heating system you have, it needs to be maintained, and tuned up once in a while. Some can go for years without a tune-up, while others may need a tune-up every year or so. There are certain signs look for, in order to determine if your heating unit needs a tune-up. The first sign that a heating system needs a tune-up, is if it will not turn on.

You may ensure the breaker is in the on position, you’ll turn on the unit inside, and make sure the unit is plugged in, but it may still push out no heat. This is a sure sign that a tune-up is necessary. If you’re seeing excessive dust in the air, then this may be a sign that your system is not running at its best.

A system can use a tune up, if it’s pushing out an incredible amount of dust, and you’re having to dust on a daily basis. Another thing to look for, is smells. If a heating unit is causing your home to smell badly when you turn it on, there may be a problem with the unit itself, or within the ducts around the home.

When To Get A Tune-Up

You should always get a tune-up when you see signs that your system needs it. Never wait too long to get a tune-up, because you may end up with a system that may not work at all in the future, and you may end up having to replace it completely. It’s cheaper to tune-up a system, than to replace it entirely.

How To Maintain Your Tuned Up UnitAnoka Heater Maintenance

After you’ve had your system tuned up, ask the professional what you need to do, in order to maintain the system, and keep it running at peak performance. You can change the filters, as well as do other small forms of maintenance, in order to keep it running smoothly in the future.


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