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Has Your Anoka Heater Gone Cold? Here are 3 Possible Reasons Why

3 Reasons Why You’re Heater is Blowing Cold Air

Whether you have a heater in your car or your Anoka home, you need it to work efficiently. During the hottest days of the summer, you need to do more than roll down the window. Make sure the heater is blowing out warm air whenever you need it. Look at 3 possible reasons why your heater is not doing its job properly.

Anoka, MN Heating Services1. Inefficient Thermostat

There could be a host of problems that are wrong with your thermostat. Check the thermostat to see if it is visibly broken or missing any parts. In that case, you may have to replace the front panel only. After you check the visible parts, use the controls to reach a certain temperature. If you can reach a high temperature yet the air comes out cold, there may be a deeper problem. If you need to replace the whole thermostat, upgrade to a better version.

2. Inefficient Heat Pump

It is common for a heat pump to stop working on a heater that works too much. The same thing happens to a computer that stays on for too long. You need professional maintenance to maintain the good performance of the heat pump. If you need a replacement, know about the different brands and models of pumps available.

3. Inefficient Ducts

Any gaps in HVAC ducts are likely to cause large air leaks. You may be able to fix visible gaps, but for the hidden ones, look for assistance. Only a professional knows when it is time to make a replacement. The more air that leaks over time, the more expensive the energy bill becomes.

You may have ducts that just need good cleanings from time to time. Hire a professional to come in, check the ducts and clean the surface to remove the blockage. However, it is more serious to have large amounts of heat escape through holes or cracks found in the ducts. To fix a much larger problem, contact a HVAC expert.

You must be confident that your heater will emit air that is hot and not cold. If you cannot turn up the temperature, or the ducts are too clogged, know the solution to choose right away. A professional is the best person to contact if you need a proper diagnosis.

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