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How to go Green Easily at Home

How to go Green Easily at Home

There is no time like the present to go green. Green activities will save the planet but will save you money as well. People sometimes resist change when they’re not properly informed.

Rest assured, making green changes will only benefit you- and the planet at the same time. The best place is to start is with your home. Here is what you need to know to go green:

Solar Appliances Save Money

Your refrigerator uses the lion’s share of your appliance power. You can significantly reduce that cost and factor in your carbon footprint by switching to a solar refrigerator instead.

You can save money with your oven by using your microwave instead, but want to max out your savings? Switch to a solar oven. It’s effective, even when it is overcast.

Homeowner Carbon Footprint

carbon-footprintGet busy reducing your carbon footprint and get ready to realize your savings. Consider switching to solar power.

Invest in a rain barrel to catch rain to water your garden and lawn. Defrost your fridge and freezer every month. Clean the coils on the back of your fridge from dust at least once a month.

Change your HVAC filter every month. Make sure that your exterior walls are adequately insulated. Get in the habit of going to the attic to make sure that insulation hasn’t shifted during a storm.

Switch to a tankless water heater to heat your water on demand, instead of storing it. Take showers instead of baths.

Plant More Trees

You can cool your home with a little help from Mother Nature. Plant trees strategically outside your windows. The shade from the leafy branches is very effective at keeping your rooms cool.

Make sure that the trees are positioned to properly cast shadows at different parts of the day, as the sun moves.

Remember Your Chimney Fluechimney-flue

If you leave your chimney flue open, air will just escape outside, which will cost you more money and make your A/C or furnace work overtime.

The harder your comfort systems work, the more damaging to the environment and the more money it will cost you. Always have the flue closed when you aren’t using your fireplace.

Energy Efficient Lighting and Comfort System

Take some time to replace light bulbs with more efficient LED bulbs. They use far less energy and have a longer lifespan.

To save the most money possible, take advantage of energy efficient options for your heating and cooling, like a programmable thermostat or zone heating, which gives you maximum control.

adjust-the-thermostatAdjust Your Thermostat Accordingly

Get in the habit of turning your thermostat up a couple of degrees when it is warm outside and down a couple of degrees when it is cold outside. It can add up to big savings.

You can use some low-tech tools for comfort, like a sweater to stay warm and a fan to stay cool.

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