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Generator Selection Guide

A Guide to Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home

Having a generator on hand at home is a great way to deal with a temporary blackout or a serious natural disaster, such as a tornado or snow storm. Most homes will benefit from a standard, moderately priced model that delivers between 5,000 to 6,000 watts. Below introduces the features that Anoka, CA homeowners should look at in order to buy the right generator.

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The first choice will be to decide what level of power is needed. A basic need, such as keeping the fridge running, will need a standard model. However, a generator that will keep multiple appliances and the AC running will need a larger generator. Therefore, a homeowner who plans on regularly using the generator should consider installing a transfer switch that will connect the generator to the home’s circuit box.

The transfer switch will protect the generator and running appliances from damage when the power suddenly returns. It also prevents the generator from suddenly spiking and endangering technicians who are working on a nearby power line. A transfer switch installation will cost between 400 to 800 dollars.


If they are in constant operation, most standard portable generators use between 10 to 20 gallons of gasoline a day. This converts to four to seven propane tanks that each way approximately 20 pounds.

Therefore, homeowners must consider how often and how long they will need the generator. Equally important, they must decide if and how they can safely store fuel, such as gas or propane tanks, in their home. Additionally, homeowners should consider eco-friendly models that are super-efficient. For example, new models automatically shut themselves off when the engine’s oil level is too low. Almost the generator fuel shutoff will also allow the owner to use up the internal gas in order to prepare for long term storage.


Since generators are normally sold by the wattage, their output determines their power and reliability. Thus, the more powerful and expensive models tend to be more dependable because they are marketed with higher surge-wattage claims.

There are smaller, cheaper models that come with electric starting. However, the battery required for this will cost at least 50 to 60 dollars. Then again, not all portable models come with wheels, which will cost over 100 dollars. Keep in mind certain portable generators can actually overheat appliances. Cheaper models can slightly fail to deliver a full 120 volts, which can cause electronics and appliances to become hot.

In the end, homeowners should carefully review the power, fuel and dependability features of their target home generator.

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