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Dealing With Unusual Furnace Odor

Dealing With Unusual Furnace Odor

Why is Your Furnace Emitting a Burning Smell?

There are multiple reasons furnaces may emit odors. In a large majority of cases, this smell is harmless, especially when utilizing the heater for the first time in the cooler months. However, because this could also be a sign of a serious issue, it is imperative to have the system checked by a reputable, licensed and insured HVAC contractor anytime there is an odor emanating from your furnace.

This smell is most commonly caused by accumulated dust and dirt burning off as the system initially is utilized after a long hiatus, but this smell should dissipate rather quickly and not return. Smell occurring at another time may be a sign of significant issues that could imperil the building and its inhabitants.

Anoka, MN furnace-repair-servicesIdentifying Odors

It is important for homeowners to try and identify these smells, and there are various ways to tell, but the type of smell is the most indicative of the issue and the urgency by which a maintenance check should be done by the appropriate HVAC technician. One of the easiest to identify is the smell of gas. Gases utilized in the home have an odor added similar to rotten eggs. Identifying a gas leak is the precise reason this particular odor is added to the normally odorless natural gas.

When this odor is present for any reason, the appropriate emergency authorities should be called, and families and inhabitants should initiate the appropriate emergency protocols including possibly removing themselves from the habitation until emergency services have cleared any issues. The next step is to contact an HVAC professional for an assessment. In some cases, the furnace may emanate a smell that should prompt a call to an HVAC professional immediately, but emergency services are commonly not required.

Metal, Rubber?

The smell is commonly called a metallic or burning wire smell. In the case of a furnace, this could very well be a wire or certain other components becoming too hot. There are emergency safety appendages present in your HVAC system that should stop the system if this is the case, so this smell combined with the furnace shutting off automatically should definitely prompt a call to your HVAC professional.

Additionally, some rubber and other parts may began to emit the smell due to worn or old parts that must be replaced. These issues will be corrected by the HVAC specialist. The most appropriate method to prevent odor altogether is to have the HVAC system in your home serviced by HVAC professionals before periods of heavy use or after periods of inactivity.

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