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How Can I Tell if My Thermostat Isn’t Working

Ways to Tell if Your Home’s Thermostat is Malfunctioning

A programmable thermostat is a key piece of equipment, one that plays a critical role in ensuring home climate control systems can perform as effectively and efficiently as possible. Faulty thermostats can create no end of problems that may result in a less comfortable home or higher utility costs.

Being able to spot the five most common signs of a malfunctioning thermostat can allow home and property owners to take action and address the situation more quickly and efficiently. Ignoring the signs that a thermostat may be faulty or malfunctioning can make it all but impossible to control and regulate interior temperatures or find households faced with utility bills that may be far more costly.

Anoka, MN thermostat-repairOne: Increased Utility Bills

Thermostats function by activating climate control appliances in response to either change in the interior temperature or a preset operational schedule. Faulty temperature readings created by a malfunctioning thermostat may result in heating appliances and air conditioners running when they are not required, which can drastically increase the cost of monthly utility and electric bills.

A sudden unexplained increase in heating or cooling costs is a common indication that professional thermostat repair services may be required to remedy any number of technical or mechanical issues.

Calling the professionals when dealing with a sudden increase in your utility, heating or cooling costs offers a number of significant advantages that include:

  • Isolating and identifying the source of any problems that may have more than one cause
  • Testing and calibration of thermostats
  • Repair and upgrade services for equipment that affects the operation and efficiency of the entire system

Two: Being Unable to Maintain a Consistent Interior Temperature


Thermostats that fail to detect interior temperatures accurately make it far harder to maintain a comfortable household. Erroneous readings created by a faulty thermostat may fail to trigger the system at the appropriate time. In addition to running up the utility bill, heaters and furnaces that fail to shut off at the right moment or air conditioners that are always running can quickly create a very uncomfortable environment.

Even inaccurate temperature readings that are only off by a few degrees can lead to problems. Homeowners who are seeking to ensure lower utility costs or the means to create and maintain a more consistent and comfortable environment would be wise to have their thermostat tested, calibrated or even replaced by a newer model device.

Three: Erratic Operation of Climate Control Equipment

Another sign of a faulty thermostat is the erratic operation of climate control equipment. While the length of time heaters and air conditioners operate can vary, depending on interior temperatures and settings, appliances that may switch on and off rapidly or inconsistently may indicate a problem.

Climate control appliances that are always being activated and deactivated may suffer from increased wear which can lead to further issues and mechanical problems. Owners stand to benefit by scheduling a service call with a qualified professional should they begin to notice erratic activation of equipment or inconsistent performance from their climate control system.

Four: Disruption of a Preset Schedule

A preset operational program makes it much easier to maintain a comfortable environment while minimizing the amount of time that appliances operate. Thermostats that are unable to keep a preset schedule with any degree of consistency may need to be repaired or replaced.

Coming home to an environment that is too hot or too cold or noticing that the system is unable to maintain automatic temperature settings at specific times of the day or night often indicate an issue with the thermostat, one that will continue to create problems with equipment operation, household comfort and utility costs until it has been adequately addressed.

When functioning properly, a programmable thermostat offers an easy and efficient way to reduce operational costs, such as:

  • Less aggressive temperature settings when occupants are away from home
  • Decreased stress and demand on the system through temperature regulation
  • Improved comfort levels by reducing the time needed to achieve optimal temperatures during set times

Anoka, MN thermostat-repair-2Five: Erroneous or Inaccurate Temperature Readings


Thermostats that are unable to detect the surrounding temperature accurately accurately are another sign of equipment malfunction. Professional testing, assessment, and equipment inspection is often required to identify and address this issue, but such efforts are often well worth it.

Temperature settings that are off by even a few degrees can lead to considerable expense in the long term, and ensuring thermostats are functioning correctly and accurately is of paramount importance when it comes to creating a more energy-efficient home.

Professional Repair, Maintenance and Installation Services

Thermostat repair is an issue best left to the professionals. Testing and assessing a programmable thermostat often requires specialized equipment, tools, and experience that few home and property owners may be able to provide.

From identifying and correcting minor problems to hardware upgrades that offer superior features like remote operation and more efficient climate control, working with a qualified and experienced technician is almost always the best approach to take.

For quality thermostat repair services in your Anoka, MN home, call Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical Inc. at (763) 422-1721.


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