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Your home’s electrical system should be handled by trained and experienced electricians. At Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc., your safety is our top priority. Schedule an appointment by calling (763) 422-1721 today! Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

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Homeowners may not always be able to tell when their home’s electrical system is in need of repair. That is is why it is imperative homeowners learn the signs when something is malfunctioning. Addressing issues during its early stages can help avert dangerous consequences such as a house fire.

When you suspect trouble with the electricity in your home, call Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc. Our team of expert electricians can provide you with Andover electrical repair and installation services that are precise and thorough. We promise to  leave you 100% satisfied and get your life back to its normal routine as quick as possible. Rest assured our techs are licensed, certified, trained, and experienced to work on electrical problems of all varieties.

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Does your home need electrical rewiring?

When your home needs to be rewired, you will notice certain issues in the house. You may have sockets that are no longer working or you may have sockets that always spark when you put a plug in them. Sockets are not supposed to be so reactive, and sockets should not surge on their own. Also, you need to have your home rewired when you notice that the lights in the house are dimming under normal weather conditions.

What are signs you need wall socket repair?

When you need wall socket repair, one or both plugs in a socket will not work. You may resort to using just one of the plugs, and that means half the plug is no longer functional. When lights that you have plugged into the sockets dim and brighten unexpectedly, the socket is not functional. Also, you will notice that electronics you have plugged in will shut off without any warning.

When should you upgrade your electric panel box?

The electric panel box contains all the circuit breakers for your home. These circuit breakers help to cut electricity to parts of the home that malfunction. However, these circuits need to be replaced if they are ever blown out. If your home is over ten years old, you may need to consider replacing the box. Also, you need to have the box replaced when you have had multiple electrical problems in the house.

Why are professional services beneficial?

When you have a professional electrician come to your home, you receive many benefits. First, you get a professional technician who is licensed to do the work. These professionals know how to safely wire your home, repair wiring, and do installations. They can make the home safer with their repairs and  are well-versed in the local building codes.

Also, professional technicians can handle these repairs in a timely manner. You could spend days trying to solve one small problem, but our technicians are able to handle the job quickly. We give you your home back in the best condition possible. Also, we allow you the opportunity use your home as normal. Our professional electricians are insured bonded and come with their own tools. They have years of experience and work hard to make sure the wiring in your home is safe once again.

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