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Are Your Air Ducts Blowing Dust Into Your Home?

5 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Anoka Air QualityIt is very important to have good air quality in your household. Part of achieving that is by making sure that your air ducts are clean. Every now and then, you are going to need to have your air duct cleaned. For those who may not know if they need to clean it out or not, there are signs to look for that will help you determine whether or not you should have your air ducts cleaned.

Excess Dirt and Pet Hair

One sign to look for is excess pet hair. This is very important for households that have pets. If you look into the vent and see a lot of dust and hair build up, then that is a sign that you should get your vent cleaned out. This is quite an easy thing to pick up on as well.


Mold is a big sign because it is very dangerous to have in your house. If you breathe in the mold, it will cause problems in your lungs. If you catch signs of mold in your air ducts then you should have your ducts cleaned out right away. As a matter of fact, your air ducts should be clean as soon as you find or detect any mold in the system.

Pests and Rodents

This is another sign of dirty air ducts. If different types of pests and rodents have taken residence in your air ducts, then it is time to get those ducts cleaned out.

Respiratory Problems

This is a big sign that you need to have your air ducts cleaned out. If you find that you or anyone in your household is having trouble breathing, then it is time to check your air ducts. Certain elements could accumulate in your home that could cause respiratory problems that are hard to explain other than there being some agents in the air.Anoka Duct Cleaning

Air Conditioner Not Working Properly

This is another sign that your air ducts need to be cleaning. If you are not getting cool air in the summer or warm air in the winter, then it is important to check the air ducts. when enough builds up in the air ducts, then that could interfere with the workings of the air conditioner. As a result, you will find that your house will still be at an undesired temperature regardless of how you set your air conditioner.

It is important to have your air ducts regularly cleaned every 2 to 7 years in order to prevent any serious problems. There are plenty of professionals that you can call in order to have the cleaning work done on your air ducts.

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