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6 Projects To Make Your Summer Easy Breezy

6 Projects To Make Your Summer Easy Breezy

Now’s the Time!

outside-lawnBy the time high summer rolls around, the temperature makes it difficult to be outdoors for anything more than a barbecue and pool time. That’s why you should try to get some of your home improvement projects done before the stifling heat makes you want to stop working altogether.

If you’re having trouble getting motivated, here are a few good reasons to get those home improvement projects done by the 4th of July.

People wait all year for the summer to come so that they can have outdoor parties, barbecues, and poolside fun, but if the house isn’t in order by the 4th of July it can not only make it difficult, but it can end up costing you more in the end. Start now to get a jump on the summer season with these six projects:

Clean the Deck

Over the winter a deck can get moldy and mildewy. This shows up as streaks or green spots. WInter weather also has a tendency to chip paint off a deck and cause wood to rot. Not only should the deck be sanitized with a pressure washer, but all the broken or damaged areas should be replaced. If it needs more stain or a new coat of paint, the time to do it is when it’s still not too hot outside. This way, it will be safe and ready to use when your guests show up for that 4th of July barbecue.

lawn-careGet the Lawn in Shape

It’s embarrassing to have a party and have people roll up to a brown or dead lawn. Talk about reverse curb appeal! If you wait until high summer to attend to those bald spots, you won’t have much luck.

The time to get the lawn in shape is when the seeds can still take and be nurtured before they are scorched by the sun.

You can even lay down sod if you’re in a hurry to get that lush green look. Make sure the seedling has the right nutrients by putting down fertilizer too.

Plant Your Beds Early

Once the lawn is a nice green, you’ll still want to add some flowers to make your house beautiful. If you have perennials planted, they need to be watered and fertilized to help them grow their best. Annuals make an excellent choice for pops of color all over your beds.

Stick them around the house in the beds. Add them to pots on stairs or hang them in hanging planters. If you have an area that gets too much sun, consider xeriscaping with succulents, cacti, and gravel.

Check Outside Faucets

Faucets may seem to be running constantly, especially if you have children. You’ll want to keep beds watered, faucetas well as washing pets, decks, and cars can be on your to-do list too. That means there is more chance of you accidentally leaving the faucet on or having leaks.

You can easily make sure faucets are off when not in service by turning on a shut-off valve that only works when you are operating it by pressing it open.

However, to check for leaks, you need to shut off all the outside faucets and check the water meter. Make sure you use no water in the house and see if the meter has indicated water usage, thus pinpointing a hidden leak.

Maintain Your Cooling Systems

You want to inspect your air-conditioner before you even turn it on. You don’t want to have guests over and they can’t get cool because the air-conditioner is on the fritz. If you start in May or June to line up a contractor, you won’t be in the back of the line by the time July hits.

Check and Upgrade Lighting

You need to make sure the outdoor lighting is working right for those summer nights you would like to enjoy outside. It’s also the perfect time to add more lighting to the walkway up to the house or in the garden. Lighting can create a romantic mood on your deck or in your garden and is an inexpensive home improvement project that is sure to wow your guests.

Get Ready To Have Some Fun

Once the hard work is over, you’ll be able to sit back with a glass of cool lemonade and await your guests with the knowledge that everything has been properly inspected, maintained, and is now ready to host them safely.

If you need any help with any HVAC issues during your preparations for July 4th, give the professionals at Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc., a call at (763) 422-1721, serving the Anoka, MN area.

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