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3 Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Air Conditioning Unit

Anoka CoolingAir conditioning units work to make the interior of a home comfortable for those living in the home. However, few people truly understand all of the ways that air conditioning impacts their lives. An air conditioning unit does much more than simply blow cold air into a home.

Air Conditioning Reduces Home Humidity

people think that all air conditioners do is cool air. However, this is not true. In addition to lowering the temperature of the air brought through the filter into the unit, air conditioners also remove some of the moisture from the air. By acting as a dehumidifier, the air conditioner reduces the amount of moisture in the air which results in the air feeling cooler.

This is one of the reasons it is important to not buy a cooling unit that is too big. If a unit is too big it will cool the air in a room or home very quickly without running long enough to remove much moisture from the air.

Air Conditioning Benefits Allergy Sufferers

Air conditioners help to make summer more bearable for those who suffer from allergies and similar medical conditions. Respiratory allergies are caused by particles in the air.

As an air conditioner filters the air, it removes these particles which help allergy sufferers to breathe easier. The cooler temperatures in an air conditioned environment also make it easier for people with respiratory problems to breathe normally. The combination of cooler and drier air from the air conditioner also reduces mold and mildew in the home, further helping to reduce indoor allergens.

Air Conditioning Reduces Repair BillsAnoka Air Conditioning Repair Services

Summer heat is rough on everything from building products to electronics. In fact, the cool air providing by an air conditioner works to preserve the integrity of walls, ceilings and audio and visual equipment. Without air conditioning, glues and other adhesives would give out more quickly in the summer heat.

Audio and visual equipment would also heat up more rapidly and reach higher temperatures, which would greatly reduce the lifespan of these devices. Not only do those living in the home benefit from cool air in the summer, but the house itself benefits as well.

The summer heat is in full swing in Anoka! Call Superior Heating, Cooling and Electric at (763) 422-1721 for the coolest A/C maintenance and repair services in town.

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